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It’s Groucho Marx’s Birthday!  [and that of this editor]


It’s Groucho Marx’s Birthday!  [and that of this editor]


Patton Oswalt by Fred Harper

I refuse to stop posting pictures of Spike Milligan

I refuse to stop posting pictures of Spike Milligan

Steven Wright


Maron and Louis C.K. last night. Too good. An all-time favorite episode for me. Here’s the very long writeup.

Read from top to bottom.

for these reasons and comedians are here to essentially raise awareness of these small truths.

far better. If we can’t laugh at lifes small truths your likely to never laugh. Comedy is one of the 20th centuries most important mediums

your favourites comedies and comedians and I’m also certain you have laughed numerous times at the same subject matter, it was just handled

But where do you draw the line? Offensiveness is subjective to each individual. People who claim to be offended I dare you to look back over

small hypocrisy’s and darknesses in a funny and creative way. In this case Tosh is definitely not the well crafted comedian.

A well crafted comedian can take you through these uncomfortable issues to the otherside and hopefully making you realize some of lifes…

I won’t defend Tosh but I defend the right for comedians to talk about all matter of subjects which can highlight issues and taboos.

these hysterical debates on the values of comedy have stemmed from. Tosh (who I don’t like) was certainly crude and made a major misjudgment

that no one has ever batted an eyelid ie “Pryor”. Tosh is one of America’s most popular comedians with a commercial fan base which is where

But I can think of dozens of jokes relating to the subject who deal with it responsibly and have the joke crafted so well about the topic…

the subject of rape is certainly a dark subject and one not be used so freely and dismissively as Tosh did for a cheap gag which backfired..

I believe every comedian has the right to talk about what they want given they know the consequences and responsibility of what they say…